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DRAEGER Primus Anesthesia Machine

Technical Data

Gas flow control
Weight 115 kg (without vaporizers or cylinders)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 137 cm x 80 cm x 80 cm
Power 200 W, typical
Operating voltage 100-240 V~, 45-65 Hz
Integrated power backup at least 30 minutes, typical 90 minutes, depending on ventilation mode
Ventilator E-Vent® plus Electrically driven and electronically controlled
Operating Modes Manual, spontaneous, Volume Mode (IPPV), Pressure Mode (PCV),
Optional: Pressure Support (PS), Synchronized volume controlled ventilation (SIMV), optional with PS, Synchronized pressure controlled ventilation, optional with PS
Pressure limitation PMAx(in Volume Mode) (PEEP+10) up to 70 hPa
Pressure limitation P”SP (in Pressure Mode) (PEEP+5) up to 70 hPa
Trigger 0.3-15 l/min
Tidal volume (in Volume Mode) 20-1400 ml
5-1400 ml (option)
Tidal volume (in Pressure Mode) 10-1400 ml
Breathing frequency (freq.) 3-80 1/min
Inspiration time [T(INSP)] 0.2-6.7 s
Inspiration/Expiration time ratio (l:E) max. 5:1 to 1:99
Plateau time [T(IP):T(INSP)] 0-60 %
PEEP in Volume Mode 0-20 hPa (max. PMAx -10 hPa)
PEEP in Pressure Mode 0-20 hPa (max. P,NSP -5 hPa)
Fresh-gas flow 0 and 0.2-18 Umin
T (SLOPE) (in Pressure Mode and Pressure Support) 0-2 s
Total system leakage < 150 ml at 30 hPa (automatic leak test)
O2 flow control Sensitive ORC function: at least 25 Vol.% or 200 ml/min for nitrous oxide (N20) as carrier gas; 02 concentration: 21-100 Vol.%
O2 flush > 35 Umin
02 safety flow 0-12 l/min
External fresh gas outlet optional
Monitoring lnspiratory and expiratory concentration of 02, N20, CO2 as well as anaesthetic agents (Halothane, lsoflurane, Sevoflurane, Desflurane); Minute volume (MV) and Tidal volume (VT); Breathing frequency; Peak pressure, plateau pressure, mean pressure, PEEP; Patient compliance CPAT; Option: Functional oxygen saturation (SpO2)

The following parameters maybe displayed as waveforms: Concentration of CO2, O2, as well as anaesthetic agents, airway pressure, inspiratory and expiratory flow; Option: Plethysmogram; Bar graph display of volumeter and tidal volume; Virtual flow tubes or O2, AIR, N2O; Display of graphical trends and numerical lists of measured values; AutoSet for alarm limits

Serial interface 3 x RS 232
Protocol Medibus
Absorber volume 1.5 L




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