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General Manager & Founder
Sayed Kayaty

Dear Customers and Partners,

Welcome to Medicare Exel, Medicare Exel is part of Marrakesh medical equipment group, we are based in Cairo Egypt operating in Kenya, Uganda, Hong Kong and Egypt.

We started 12 years ago in Cairo, Egypt, we created our 1st company in Hong Kong later in 2015, our main focus since was the import and export of medical equipment from USA, Europe, Hong Kong and UAE.

The year after in 2016, we started our 2nd company in Cairo, Egypt for the importing, distribution and installations of medical equipment.

As a result of our successful strategy and management discipline and as an essential part of business development and sustainability we decided to expand our operations into east Africa in 2017;
We started 1st in Nairobi, Kenya in 2018 with “Medicare Exel Limited” then we expanded into Kampala, Uganda in 2022 with “Nafuu Medicare Exel limited”.

With refurbished equipment there is a fit for every budget, and we are happy to facilitate that.

We believe that our success can only be achieved by offering value to our customers.

Our slogan at work is “everyone deserves better health care” and we work hard to achieve this by providing state of the art medical technologies and services at affordable prices enabling all sizes of medical facilities to upgrade and take on new services that were not feasible before.

We embrace environmental and social sustainability by providing refurbished to standards equipment to contribute to wellbeing of humanity by decreasing waste, saving resources and eventually saving the environment and improving health care services in general.

The world is constantly changing and the evolving business environment brings new challenges and opportunities for the economy and our business. We look forward to taking on new challenges and seizing new opportunities in the future with the continued support and blessings of our customers and business partners. Together, I hope that we will continue to contribute to the local communities, create economic, societal and environmental values.

General Manager & Founder
Sayed Kayaty

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