Medicare Exel Limited serves as a reputable supplier of ventilator medical equipment in Kenya, offering the Draeger Evita 4 ventilator, Puritan Bennett 840 ventilator, Stephan Stephanie ventilator (Neonatal).

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medical equipment suppliers in Kenya - DRAGER EVITA 4 Ventilator

DRAGER EVITA 4 Ventilator

DRAGER EVITA 4 Ventilator: High-performance life support. Provides precise respiratory assistance in critical care settings.
medical equipment suppliers in Kenya - PURITAN BENNETT 840 Ventilator

PURITAN BENNETT 840 Ventilator

PURITAN BENNETT 840 Ventilator: Advanced life support system. Precise respiratory assistance for critically ill patients.
medical equipment suppliers in Kenya - STEPHAN STEPHANIE Ventilator (Neonatal)

STEPHAN STEPHANIE Ventilator (Neonatal)

STEPHAN STEPHANIE Ventilator (Neonatal) : Tailored for neonatal care. Provides precise respiratory support to critically ill newborns.

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