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ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump

The ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump offers accurate medication delivery and versatile infusion options for optimal patient treatment.

The ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump represents a pivotal advancement in medical technology, playing a critical role in delivering accurate and controlled medication administration to patients. With its innovative features and comprehensive capabilities, the ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump serves as a cornerstone of modern healthcare, ensuring precise infusion management, enhancing patient safety, and streamlining clinical workflows.

Central to its design, the ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump is engineered to provide a level of accuracy and reliability essential for safe medication delivery. Tailored for administering a wide spectrum of medications, including critical and sensitive drugs, the pump employs advanced motor technology to dispense medications in precise increments. This fine-tuned mechanism ensures patients receive the correct dosage as prescribed by their healthcare provider.

The ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump is versatile and can accommodate various syringe sizes, enabling healthcare professionals to adapt the infusion process to the specific requirements of each patient and medication. This adaptability is crucial since different medications and therapies often demand varying syringe sizes and infusion rates. The capability to customize the pump’s settings guarantees the administration of the accurate dose at the appropriate rate, contributing to patient safety and effective treatment outcomes.

One of the notable attributes of the ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump is its user-centric interface, designed to simplify operation for healthcare providers. The intuitive touchscreen display presents clear and concise information, facilitating easy input of infusion parameters, adjustment of settings, and real-time monitoring of the infusion progress. The interface also incorporates visual cues and alarms that promptly notify medical staff of potential issues, further reinforcing patient safety.

Safety considerations are paramount in medical device development, and the ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump integrates multiple layers of safeguards to prevent errors and safeguard patient well-being. The pump’s programmable capabilities enable the delivery of intricate infusion protocols with accuracy, reducing the risk of manual errors. Furthermore, the pump incorporates sophisticated alarm systems that alert healthcare providers to various conditions, such as occlusions or low battery levels, enabling timely interventions and ensuring consistent therapy.

In critical care scenarios, where even slight deviations can bear significant consequences, the ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump’s precision and reliability shine. It boasts minimal flow rate variations, thereby contributing to consistent medication delivery. This level of accuracy proves particularly valuable when administering potent medications or managing conditions that necessitate precise dosage adjustments.

Beyond its performance excellence, the ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump demonstrates its adaptability across diverse clinical settings. From intensive care units and operating rooms to outpatient facilities, the pump seamlessly integrates into varied healthcare workflows. Its compact design and portability make it suitable for bedside use and transportation alike, ensuring that patients receive continuous and reliable care regardless of their location within the medical facility.

Interconnectivity is a defining aspect of contemporary medical devices, and the ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump embraces this trend. The pump is capable of interfacing with hospital networks and electronic medical record systems, facilitating seamless data exchange and accurate documentation. This connectivity not only supports efficient communication among medical teams but also ensures that infusion records are meticulously recorded for future reference and analysis.

In conclusion, the ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump stands as an indispensable tool within modern patient care, offering accurate and controlled medication administration for optimal treatment outcomes. Its user-friendly interface, adaptable settings, advanced safety features, and compatibility with diverse clinical environments make it an essential asset for healthcare professionals. By enhancing medication delivery accuracy, minimizing the potential for errors, and streamlining clinical processes, the ATOM P-600 Infusion Pump contributes to elevated patient well-being and the delivery of exceptional healthcare services.

Electrical requirements: AC input: Customer-specified(30VA).
Internal Battery: Approx. 2hrs of continuous operation when fully charged(at 100mUh, after approx. 6hrs of charging). Automatically charged during AC operation. External power supply (DC12V) optionally available.
Classification: Class l,Type CF
Flow rate selection: Range: 1-999mUhr (in 1mUh increments)
Accuracy: Mechanical accuracy:Within+2%
Accuracy including the infusion set:Within+10%
Fluid volume setting: Range:1-9999ml in 1ml increments
Occlusion detection pressure: 0.7kg/cm2 or higher
Prime flow rate: 999mUh
Quickfeed flow rate: 500mUh
Alarms: Self-diagnosis, Occlusion, Door open, Air in line/fluid, depletion, Not in operation, Low battery voltage, Empty (infusion complete)
Functions: Self-diagnosis indication, Flow rate setting, Fluid volume setting, Total volume infused indication, Quick feeding, Prime, KOR, Empty indication, Power source indication, Infusion status indicator, Alarm silence, Nurse call output, Special setting (audible volume, etc)
Dimensions: 14(W)x15(D)x22(H)cm
Weight: approx.2.5kg



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