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FRESENIUS Vial Orchestra Module DPS Syringe Pump

The FRESENIUS Vial Orchestra Module DPS Syringe Pump is a medical device for precise medication delivery and infusion control.

Fresenius Kabi is a well-known global healthcare company that specializes in various medical products and services, including infusion and syringe pumps, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and clinical nutrition. Syringe pumps are commonly used in healthcare settings to deliver precise and controlled amounts of medication or fluids to patients.


FLOW RATE RANGE From 0,1 to  1200 ml/h, in 0,1 ml/h increments.
ACCURACY ± 1 % on mechanism  (measured-time: > 1 hour, minimum 1 ml).
SYRINGE CAPACITIES 5, 10, 20, 30/35, 50/60 mI.
TWO OCCLUSION  PROGRAMMING MODES PRESSURE  ALARM  LEVELS Variable threshold mode: numerically  selected occlusion pressure  alarm. Pre-selection mode: 3 pre-selected  occlusion levels.
OCCLUSION  PRE-ALARM Imminent  occlusion warning.
DPS – DYNAMIC  PRESSURE SYSTEM Line disconnection  alarm, indication of pressure increase and decrease in the  infusion line, increase pressure  alarm.
DOUBLE PRESSURE  DISPLAY Numerical values of the line pressure  and the selected limit, graphic representation of the  pressure in the infusion line and of the pressure limit.
VOLUME  LIMIT From 0,1 to  999,9 ml in 0,1 ml  increments.
BOLUS RATE From 50  ml/h to 1200 ml/h, programmable.
INDUCTION  PROGRAMMING Rate: from 0,1 to  1200 ml/h, volume: from 0,1 ml  to  120 ml.
ANTI-BOLUS SYSTEM Reduces significantly bolus after occlusion release (0,2 ml max).
MAINTENANCE Preventive maintenance  warning based on the  customers downloading.
HISTORICAL Event login.
DRUG NAMES 15 drug names programmable  by configuration.
ALARMSANDPREALARMS Syringe position control: syringe barrel clasp check, plunger head detection, anti-siphon system check, locking handle.
Infusion control: occlusion  pressure prealarm, occlusion pressure  alarm, end of infusion prealarm, end of infusion alarm, volume limit  prealarm, volume limit  alarm, KVO rate.
Device control: disengaged  driving mechanism alarm, low battery prealarm, discharged  battery alarm, battery capacity display in hours and minutes, unconfirmed  programming, technical  malfunction  alarm (auto-test, rotation), drive system advance check, watchdog check, RS232 interface failure, unlocked

Technical Specifications:

DIMENSIONS/  WEIGHT H 10,5 x W 31,5 x D 13,5 cm / –  2,3 kg.
EXTERNAL SUPPLY 7,15 Vdc (with the Base or the Mainly Mod).
BATTERY/ BATTERY  LIFE Lead acid battery  – 6 V 1.1 to  1.3 Ah/   7 hours minimum at 5 ml/h.
Display of real battery life in hours and minutes.
COMPLIANCE, STANDARDS Complies with EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2 and EN 60601-2-24.
CE 0459 Marking in compliance  with the EEC 93/42 European Medical Device Directive.
WATERPROOFNESS Protection against splashing liquid: IP 34.
ELECTRICAL  COMPLIANCE Protection against leakage current: CF type. Protection against electric shocks: class II.



TOP TOP-5300 Syringe Pump

TOP TOP-5300 Syringe Pump

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The Fresenius Kabi Injectomat Agilia Syringe Pump is a medical device used to administer controlled doses of medications or fluids to patients

FRESENIUS Vial Orchestra Module DPS Syringe Pump

The FRESENIUS Vial Orchestra Module DPS Syringe Pump is a medical device for precise medication delivery and infusion control.

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