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OMRON NE U17 Ultrasonic Nebulizer

OMRON NE U17: Advanced ultrasonic nebulizer delivering precise aerosol therapy for respiratory conditions, ensuring effective treatment.

The OMRON NE U17 Ultrasonic Nebulizer is a cutting-edge medical device designed to provide efficient and convenient respiratory therapy for individuals suffering from various respiratory conditions. This nebulizer utilizes ultrasonic technology to convert liquid medication into a fine mist, which can be easily inhaled into the lungs for effective treatment. With its advanced features and user-friendly design, the OMRON NE U17 aims to improve the quality of life for patients by delivering respiratory medications with precision and ease.

One of the standout features of the OMRON NE U17 is its ultrasonic technology. Unlike traditional nebulizers that rely on air compression to convert liquid medication into aerosol particles, the ultrasonic technology used in this device operates at a higher frequency. This results in the production of finer mist particles, which can penetrate deeper into the respiratory tract for enhanced medication delivery.

The OMRON NE U17 boasts a compact and portable design, making it convenient for patients to use both at home and on the go. Its sleek construction and intuitive controls ensure ease of use for patients of all ages. The device features a user-friendly display that provides clear information about the nebulization process, including settings and timer options. The ultrasonic nebulizer machine ensures that patients can effectively administer their medication without any confusion.

Additionally, the NE U17 nebulizer incorporates a high-capacity medication chamber. This chamber can hold a sufficient amount of medication, reducing the need for frequent refills during longer treatment sessions. This is particularly advantageous for patients requiring extended nebulization times.

The nebulizer also features adjustable nebulization rates, allowing healthcare providers to tailor the treatment to each patient’s specific needs. This customization can optimize the delivery of different medications, ensuring that patients receive the right dosage at the right rate.

The OMRON NE U17 places a strong emphasis on noise reduction. The ultrasonic technology employed produces minimal noise during operation, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment for patients during their nebulization sessions. This is particularly important for pediatric patients or those who are sensitive to noise.

Maintenance of the OMRON NE U17 is straightforward. The device’s detachable components are easy to clean, preventing the buildup of residue and ensuring consistent performance over time. Proper maintenance also helps extend the device’s lifespan, making it a durable investment for patients requiring long-term respiratory therapy.

The OMRON NE U17 Ultrasonic Nebulizer stands as a state-of-the-art medical device in the field of respiratory therapy. Its utilization of ultrasonic technology, portable design, customizable settings, and noise reduction features make it a valuable tool for individuals managing respiratory conditions. By providing efficient and effective medication delivery, the ultrasonic nebulizer machine aims to empower patients to take control of their respiratory health and enhance their overall quality of life.


  • Ultra AIR Pro | Omron Healthcare
  • High Volume Nebulizer
  • Timer: 1 – 30 minutes
  • Continuous Flow possible up to 72 hours (with medication bottle and long time nebulization kit)
  • Large LCD Display
  • Hygienic – uncomplicated and simple to disinfect
  • Backlight Illumination
  • Buzzer to alert of any errors or when time is completed



medical equipment suppliers in Kenya - OMRON NE U17 Ultrasonic Nebulizer

OMRON NE U17 Ultrasonic Nebulizer

OMRON NE U17: Advanced ultrasonic nebulizer delivering precise aerosol therapy for respiratory conditions, ensuring effective treatment.

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