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The advanced Fresenius Kabi Orchestra Module MVP infusion pump with integrated features for streamlined medical processes.

The FRESENIUS KABI ORCHESTRA MODULE MVP Infusion Pump is a cutting-edge medical device designed to revolutionize infusion management in healthcare. Developed by Fresenius Kabi, a renowned healthcare company, this infusion pump offers a host of innovative features that streamline medical workflows and enhance patient care.

At the core of the ORCHESTRA MODULE MVP Infusion Pump is its integrated approach. The pump seamlessly integrates with hospital information systems (HIS), electronic health records (EHR), and other medical devices, creating a connected ecosystem that promotes efficient communication and data sharing. This integration minimizes manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and enhancing patient safety by ensuring accurate medication administration.

The pump boasts advanced functionalities that cater to a range of clinical scenarios. It offers various infusion modes and programming options, making it adaptable to different treatment protocols. This versatility allows healthcare providers to administer a wide range of medications with high precision and accuracy.

One of the key benefits of the ORCHESTRA MODULE MVP Infusion Pump is its contribution to patient safety. The pump provides customizable alerts and notifications to healthcare professionals, enabling timely interventions and preventing adverse events. Real-time monitoring of infusion rates, volumes, and patient responses is facilitated by the pump’s integration with electronic systems, enabling rapid adjustments as needed.

The intuitive user interface of the pump enhances usability for healthcare professionals. The seamless integration with electronic systems streamlines workflow, allowing providers to focus more on patient care and less on administrative tasks. This efficiency ultimately translates to improved patient outcomes and a higher standard of care.

In conclusion, the FRESENIUS KABI ORCHESTRA MODULE MVP Infusion Pump represents a significant advancement in infusion management technology. Its integrated approach, advanced functionalities, and emphasis on patient safety make it an indispensable tool in modern healthcare settings. By reducing errors, streamlining workflows, and enhancing communication, the pump exemplifies Fresenius Kabi’s commitment to advancing patient care and driving innovation in the medical field.


FLOW RATE RANGE From 1 to 1000 ml/h in normal mode.
From 0,1 to 100 ml/h in micro-infusion mode.
FLOW RATE ACCURACY ± 5%  with recommended sets.
PROGRAMMING MODES Rate only, rate+ volume, volume/ time, ramp up/  ramp down, primary/ secondary, sequential, bolus, micro infusion.
VOLUME LIMIT From 1 to 9999 ml in normal mode, from 0,1to 999,9 in micro infusion mode.
INFUSION TIME Settable from 1minute to 96 hours.
KVO RATE 3 ml/h, programmable.
AIR DETECTION Set  at  250  µI over a period of 15 minutes.
OCS: OCCLUSIVITY CHECK SYSTEM OCS patented system is the only auto-test which checks the good operating of the  pump in association with its set and thus prevents all risk of free-flow.
FREE-FLOW PROTECTION Control of occlusivity of pumping system toward set, automatic safety clamp integrated into set.
DPS: DYNAMIC PRESSURE SYSTEM Line disconnection alarm, indication of pressure increase and decrease in the  infusion line.
OCCLUSION DETECTIONS Upstream & downstream.
OCCLUSION THRESHOLD Set at 750 mmHg, settable from 100 to 900  mmHg.
Bolus < 0,2 ml, whatever the rate.
KEYBOARD LOCK Programmable in configuration.
DROP SENSOR Use in option for an empty bottle detection.
HISTORY MODULE Up to 768 dated events.
ALARMS AND PREALARMS Infusion control: set in place, volume limit reached, empty bottle, air in line,
upstream occlusion, downstream occlusion, set disconnection, end of pause, door open. Device control: discharged battery, low battery, interface failure, technical malfunction. Maintenance: periodic servicing.

Technical Specifications

PUMPING SYSTEM Second generation linear wave peristaltic pumping system.
DIMENSIONS/ WEIGHT H 10,5 x W 31,5 x D 13 cm/~ 2,4kg.
EXTERNAL SUPPLY 7,15 Vdc (with the Base or the Mainly Mod).
BATTERY/ BATTERY LIFE Lead acid battery  – 6 V 1.1to 1.3 Ah/   2 hours 125 ml/h. Display of real battery life in hours and minutes.
COMPLIANCE, STANDARDS Complies with EN 60601·1, EN 60601·1·2 and EN 60601·2·24.
CE 0459 Markino in compliance with the EEC 93/42 European Medical Device Directive.
WATERPROOFNESS Protection against splashing liquid: IP 34.
ELECTRICAL COMPLIANCE Protection against leakage current: CF type. Protection against electric shocks: class II.



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The advanced Fresenius Kabi Orchestra Module MVP infusion pump with integrated features for streamlined medical processes.
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