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PHILIPS OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound (Portable)

The PHILIPS OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound offers advanced imaging for accurate cardiac assessments, aiding in diagnosis and patient care.

The PHILIPS OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound system stands as a cutting-edge advancement in the realm of medical imaging technology, specifically designed to provide comprehensive insights into the intricacies of the human heart. With its state-of-the-art features, the OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound system empowers medical professionals to conduct accurate cardiac assessments, enabling swift and precise diagnoses that ultimately lead to enhanced patient care.

At the heart of the OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound system lies its remarkable imaging capabilities. Equipped with advanced transducer technology and sophisticated signal processing algorithms, the system delivers high-resolution images of the heart’s anatomical structures and dynamic functions. This level of clarity allows clinicians to visualize even the minutest details, facilitating the identification of abnormalities and the assessment of cardiac health with exceptional precision.

The real-time imaging capabilities of the OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound system play a pivotal role in its diagnostic prowess. Clinicians can observe the heart’s chambers, valves, and blood flow dynamics in motion, enabling the assessment of cardiac function in action. This dynamic view is particularly valuable for detecting issues such as valve regurgitation, chamber enlargement, and abnormal blood flow patterns that may not be evident in static images alone. By capturing the heart’s real-time behavior, the system aids in the early detection of problems, contributing to timely interventions and improved patient outcomes.

The OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound system boasts a range of specialized imaging modes tailored to cardiac applications. From 2D imaging that provides a comprehensive overview of cardiac anatomy to Doppler imaging that visualizes blood flow patterns, each mode offers unique insights into different aspects of cardiac health. Additionally, the system’s color Doppler mode enables the visualization of blood flow direction and velocity, aiding in the assessment of conditions like stenosis, regurgitation, and vascular abnormalities.

Beyond its impressive imaging capabilities, the OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound system places a strong emphasis on user-friendly operation and workflow efficiency. Its intuitive user interface and customizable settings streamline the imaging process, allowing clinicians to focus on patient care rather than navigating complex controls. The system’s automation features, such as auto-gain and auto-measurement functions, further enhance efficiency by reducing the need for manual adjustments during imaging sessions.

Interconnectivity and data management are integral aspects of modern medical technology, and the OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound system seamlessly integrates into healthcare networks and electronic medical record systems. This connectivity facilitates the sharing of images and findings across medical teams, supporting collaborative decision-making and continuity of care.

In the realm of cardiac care, accurate and timely diagnoses are paramount, and the OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound system addresses this need through its exceptional imaging quality and versatility. By enabling clinicians to visualize cardiac structures and functions in intricate detail, the system empowers them to identify anomalies, track disease progression, and monitor the effectiveness of interventions. Ultimately, the OPTIGO Cardiac Ultrasound system stands as a testament to the remarkable synergy between cutting-edge technology and medical expertise, enhancing the standard of care for patients with cardiac concerns.

PHILIPS OptiGo Specifications
0b/gyn calcs No
Vascular calcs Yes
Cardiac calculations Yes
General calculations Yes
PW pulsed wave doppler Optional
CW continuous wave doppler Optional
Color doppler Optional
Elastography No
4D No
3D volume imaging No
M-Mode Yes
Ports number 1
Weight (kg) 3.
Stationary or Portable Portable
Monitor Size 16.5
Diagnostic accuracy class low-end



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